Husky Coronavirus Testing Study

The Husky Coronavirus Testing study is a voluntary research study designed to help us learn more about how COVID-19 spreads in the UW community and how we can stop it. For the health and safety of the UW community, University of Washington students, faculty, and staff across all three campuses will be able to sign up online, tell us about any symptoms or potential exposures, and have an opportunity to be tested.

How to Enroll: You can enroll online using the link below. You will be asked a couple of short questions to make sure you are eligible to participate; then you will be taken to a consent form that explains more about the research. Students under the age of 18 will need a signature from a parent or guardian to participate.

Daily Check-in: Once enrolled, we ask that participants complete a daily check-in reporting symptoms and possible COVID-19 exposure events. We use this check-in to prioritize testing to highest risk individuals.

Information about participating in the Husky Coronavirus Testing Study

Who should enroll? To make this program effective and protect our community, it’s important that as many people as possible enroll. All UW community members, even those who are coming to campus infrequently, are strongly encouraged to enroll, including:

  • Students
  • Faculty and other academic personnel
  • Staff

Enrollment is open!

What happens if I sign up?

If you sign up and consent to participate in this program, you will be asked to:

  • Complete a baseline questionnaire about your demographics, contact information, and housing situation (<15 min).
  • Fill out a short daily questionnaire (< 2 min) Daily questionnaires extend for the during of the participation in the study.
  • Based on your responses and the risk of infection on campus, we may ask you to be tested for COVID-19 on occasion throughout the academic year, either at an on-campus test center or by a kit that you pick up on campus. This may happen when you are feeling sick or have had a high risk exposure based on your daily check in, or if there is an outbreak in your area/the place you live. We may also request you to get tested even when you do not feel sick to improve our understanding of how COVID-19 circulates in the community; this is called community testing. In addition, we offer walk-in testing up to our capcity.

When and where will testing take place? The majority of testing will be performed in-person at the University of Washington Seattle campus. You will be directed to the testing sites when you enroll. Seattle campus has a testing site at the UW Club as well as drop box sites to pick up and drop off swab kits. For participants at UW Tacoma and UW Bothell, testing will be conducted through drop box sites located on campus. For a small number of individuals, self-test kits may be delivered directly to the participant.

Find out more information about the study including hours and locations here:

If you have additional questions about the study or your involvement, please send us an email at or call us at (206) 616-2414.