Symptoms Survey

This flu season, help your community gain a better understanding of the spread of respiratory illnesses in King County by participating in the Symptoms Survey. This new study is being led by Outbreaks Near Me, a partnership between Boston Children's Hospital and the University of Washington’s Brotman Baty Institute.

How to Enroll: You can participate by enrolling in Outbreaks Near Me using the link below. You will be asked a couple of short questions to make sure you are eligible to participate; then you will be taken to a consent form that explains more about the research.

Information about participating in the Symptoms Survey

Who should enroll and participate:

All north and south King County residents ages 18+ are invited to participate. One person per household will have the opportunity to answer questions each week about symptoms for everyone in their home. Individuals can begin enrolling December 2021 and start reporting their own symptoms immediately. They will be asked to add their household members in early January 2022 and can start reporting symptoms for other household members at that point. Please do not enroll household members separately.

What happens when you enroll:

If you choose to participate in the Symptoms Survey:

  • You’ll complete a baseline questionnaire about your demographics (e.g., age, location of residence, etc.), contact information, and housing situation.
  • Each week through the course of the study, you’ll receive an email to complete a short questionnaire to report any respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, fever, etc.) you or anyone else in your household may have experienced over the past 7 days. You may also be asked about any steps taken to manage these symptoms and any test taken to confirm status (e.g., positive or negative COVID-19 test results). If no one in the household has any symptoms, answering the survey will be very quick. Following the conclusion of the respiratory season (July 2022), participants who responded to at least 90% of all weekly surveys will be entered into a raffle to win one of two iPads.

If you have additional questions about the study or your involvement, please call us at (206) 616-5859.