Welcome to the Seattle Flu Study in Schools!

We want to find better ways to detect, prevent, and treat the flu and other respiratory viruses.

It’s easy to join and participate in the study – you can even do it without leaving home. Throughout flu season, you’ll take surveys and, if someone in the family gets sick, you’ll be asked to take a test to see if it’s the flu (it’s not a scary test, just a simple swab of your nose).

If you qualify for the study, we’ll call you to talk through the details and mail you a home flu test kit with everything you’ll need to participate.

We’re looking for households of 3 or more who live in Seattle and don’t currently have flu symptoms. You’ll receive a small incentive as a thanks for your time.

Help fight the flu and join the study!

If you aren’t in a household of 3+ or are currently feeling ill, there are other ways you can help our study. Click here to see what you might qualify for.